How Many Square Feet Do You Really Need?

When businesses think about office space, there’s a long history of trying to guess how many square feet you need to accommodate your needs. You might only need space for one person now, but expect that within a year you might have a few more employees, and you want a reception area and conference room as well. So what do you do? With standard commercial real estate, you might find that you’re signing a 5-year lease for way more space than you need – and more money than you want to spend.

That’s where an executive office suite operation might be a good fit. If you need a private office for one person now, that’s all you need to pay for. Most office suites operations include the use of conference rooms, kitchens, restrooms, indoor and outdoor break areas, reception area and a business center. As your business grows, and you need a larger office, or a second or third private office, you can just amend your lease to meet your growing needs.

It’s a much more scalable way to meet your real estate needs, and significantly lowers the financial obligation you have in your lease. Combine that with shorter-term leases of as little as 6-12 months, instead of the 3-5 year term of most commercial real estate executive office suites, and your financial risks are substantially reduced.

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