What Are You Looking For in an Office Suite?

When we set out to build BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons near Columbia, Maryland, we made several key decisions that determined how we intended to distinguish our office suites from the competition. Simply put, we knew that we would build a visually-striking signature building, with elegant finishes like slate and travertine floors, granite kitchens with high-end cabinetry, architectural light fixtures, fluted glass office doors and high ceilings. We also built a range of conference rooms to accommodate many different types of users, all of which include beautiful furnishings, HD monitors for presentations and white boards for brainstorming. And our furniture packages range from a modern, space-saving arrangement on the first and second floors, to very traditional cherry, maple and mahogany sets on our executive-level third and fourth floors.

But when we reviewed the tenant lists at other Columbia, Maryland office suites, it was clear that the majority of the tenants didn’t need, or want to pay for, certain services that were automatically included in their rent. These include dedicated telephone lines and answering service, as well as a full-time front desk receptionist. These services added $100-$150 per month in cost to each tenant in the building, and we thought that a decided minority of the tenants actually needed those services.

So, if you’re in the market for an executive office suite in the Columbia, Maryland area, think about what you really need in an office suite. Do you need a full-time receptionist? Do you need an on-site telephone answering service? Is that worth $150/month to you? If not, visit BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons, and see what your office suite dollar can buy when you’re not forced to purchase a package of services that you don’t really need. And come see how a signature Class A building, dedicated entirely to serving the needs of our office suites tenants, if a far more attractive alternative than an anonymous address on the west end of the third floor of a building in the mall parking lot.

BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons looks forward to your visit, and would love to welcome you as a new tenant in our beautiful building.