The New American Entrepreneur

As the debate rages in Washington over job creation, with all parties agreeing that small business is the true engine of growth in the economy, the scalability and cost-effective nature of office suites are increasingly “where the action is” in commercial real estate. Where traditional commercial office offerings continue to struggle, BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons is thriving. New businesses continue to be formed, others are emerging from their basement, consultants and contractors are realizing that they don’t need a desk for every employee (since most are assigned to their clients’ space), and regional and national companies want presence in the attractive Baltimore-Washington market without a high-dollar, long-term lease. Office suites attract them all.

Nothing new there, right? What is new, however, is the striking change in the individual entrepreneurs themselves. America has always been known as an entrepreneurial country, and is no less known as a nation of immigrants. What is becoming increasingly clear, however, is that America has become a nation of immigrant entrepreneurs. This is strikingly evident at BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons, where we are fortunate to have a long list of new tenants that fall into this category. We have business owners who have immigrated to the US from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Cameroon, Nigeria and Mexico.  Their commitment to their new country is matched only by their passion to succeed in their new business.  And we’re not talking about quickie marts, pizza shops or dry cleaners, but businesses built for growth, like tech staffing, insurance, language training, senior citizen transportation, hazardous inspections, car rentals and auto wholesalers.

So whether you’re born in Columbia, Maryland or Colombia, South America, London, England or New London, Connecticut, BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons is a perfect place to grow your business. Stop by and see for yourself.