What Exactly is a “REGUS Refugee”?

The Executive Office Suites model is a relatively new development in commercial real estate, and there is perhaps no more well-known provider of office suites as REGUS. It’s hard to listen to talk radio for more than a couple hours without hearing a REGUS advertisement, which are quite effective at drawing attention to their centers.

But REGUS isn’t for everyone – and in fact, there are now lots of “REGUS Refugees” out there, who are still in Executive Office Suites, but no longer with REGUS.

Just why is that?

Simply put – fees. It’s one thing to sign a lease for a $700 office, but quite another to be presented with a monthly bill for a thousand dollars or more. REGUS is accomplished at marketing the concept of only paying for what you use, but be sure to calculate what you’ll actually pay when you include all the usage fees for things like conference rooms, kitchens, telecommunications, internet, keys, restrooms, clerical support, cleaning, utilities, etc. If your budget is $700/month, but your actual cost turns out to be $1,000, it’s easy to understand why there’s a steady stream of “REGUS Refugees.”

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