So What’s It Cost?

By now you’ve probably heard the radio ads by some of our national competition – where you can get four months free on a 12 month lease. But what does it really cost? If there was ever a case of “buyer beware”, this is it!

Let’s say you want an office than accommodates 3 people, for which they’ll charge you about $1,500/month. Subtract the four “free” months, and it brings the average cost down to $1,000/month for the first year. Sounds OK, right?

But that’s only the real estate. Have you looked at some of the “oh, by the way” charges?

That beautiful kitchen they showed you? Adds a MANDATORY $30 per person, per month. $90 more each month.

You say you want internet? $99 per person, per month. That adds $297 to you monthly charges. Oh yeah, you also have to pay a one-time set up of $297 just for the privilege of paying that $297/month.

Want keys for that office? Add a one-time fee of $75 per person. Another $225 down the drain.

Their fancy phone service? $149 per person, per month. That adds another $447/month. Or maybe just a simple landline phone? $49 per person, per month. Even that’s another $147/month. (Plus, don’t forget to ask if that new number is portable – most of the time, it’s not, meaning that when you leave, you can’t forward the phone or take the number with you.)

Think you’ll need the conference room for two half-days each month? At $30/hour, you’ve just added another $240/month.

Add it all up, and what’s the damage for your first year – even with the four “free” months? As much as an eye-popping $25,410, or an average of $2,118 each month. And it only gets worse during the second year, when that four “free” months isn’t around anymore.

So when they pitch you on “only paying for what you actually need”, run. Fast. Come see us at BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons, where we publish the cost on line, and it’s all-inclusive. Kitchen usage – included. Keys – included. High speed internet – included. Conference room usage – included. Parking – included. Even bathrooms – included! Telephone – you decide if you even want it (most tenants order VOIP on our superfast internet, or just use cell phones).

Come on over. We’d love to welcome you to BW Offices at Roosevelt Commons.